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Along with the standard stereotypical security safes, there are also concealment device safes, or sometimes referred to as diversion safes, concealment devices were first used in world war one to conceal small amounts of sensitive information such as encrypted codes or messages.

Books can also used as a concealment device which is ideal because a book on a shelf full of books is like a needle in a haystack meaning that the owner of the safe can find it, but the thief would have a great deal of trouble finding the specific book.

Often a candle can be used as a concealment device where a large scented candle would be hollowed out and small jewellery or papers can be store inside.

Another interesting security safe concealment device is the can or jar where such objects as a aerosol can be converted into a secure place for your possessions, some are even weighted to mimic the full feel of a real aerosol can.


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